Quotient Testing Policy

Quotient is a diagnostic tool which is key in our diagnosis and management of ADHD.

We need this test initially for diagnosis and in future for evaluating efficiency. Once medications are stabilized we anticipate no more than 1-2 tests / year.

Due to insurances considering this still in preliminary phase it is difficult for us to get authorization for this test.

We have discounted the cost of the test to $200.00. This is the patient responsibility at the time of the test.

We will provide the CPT codes in the bill that you can submit to your health insurance.

  • CPT CODES: 96118 AND 96120
  • ICD 10 Diagnosis Code: F90.1 (ADHD) and attention and concentration difficulties R41.840.

Our office continues to strive to offer the latest Medical Service and care to our patients.